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Physiotherapy support
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Physiotherapy support

Find out how our complex care services can help you or a loved one at home.

Physiotherapy support facility (PSF) is the most recent value added support introducing to our service users in the community. Latter part of year 2019 as a proactive approach, we identified that alternative solution is required to fill the gap between demand for physiotherapy support and the number of therapist available. Our senior staff registered for physiotherapy support facilitator course conducted by HCPA and Enlight Physio Theraphy team.


Proud to say now we have team of three  Physiotherapy support assistance and enablement staff who can support you in the community to maintain correct posture, manage pain due to incorrect posture, and also to support with therapy exercises.


This facility became extremely helpful and well serve during the covid pandemic when therapist has to limit their visits in the community.

How We Can Support You


We undertake all activities that is in pursuit of physiotherapy goals that is delegated to us by registered physiotherapist. This includes;

  • Support with Improving mobility
  • Manage, reduce and eliminating pain levels by supporting with correct posture, movements techniques to follow.
  • Implement regular exercise plans
  • Keep track of your health numbers such as blood pressure (BP), pulse rate, blood oxygen, heart rate, temperature, pulse and alert health care professionals in case irregularities are observed.
  • Continuous supervision where necessary and seek advise from a registered physiotherapist.

Our Ultimate Goal is

to support enhancing your overall physical and mental wellbeing.


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