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Hospital Discharge
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Hospital Discharge

Find out how we can offer home care after hospital discharge.

Support With Hospital Discharge?


Hospital discharge is the process of an individual being sent from hospital to the comfort of their own home. For many people, a period in hospital will leave them with lower fitness levels than before their admission. Our hospital discharge support  promote grater enablement to the  individual where they can gain their strength  back with our support within shorter period of time.

Hospital discharge planning may feel tiring, exhausting  and emotional for all family members involved. In common circumstances family members has no moving and positioning training or adequate time to provide enhance support  to the individual being discharged.

We are supporting families for short term or long term after hospital care and this will help individual who was discharged from hospital to settle into a home routine smoothly.


Why consider home care after hospital discharge?


  • Professional Active Support : Time in hospital involves period of relative inactivity which means people can be left feeling weak and unable to do as much for themselves. Regain the Strength and fitness levels fast involves active support  from a trained person.
  • Give family member and their mental wellbeing: Your family members have to carry on with their daily routine, work and other involvement where they need a support to look after you and if they are looking after you most of time , they need some free time or break. We also can provide sitting services and overnight sits to release the main family carer or give them a period of break.
  • Continuity : We maintain over  80% of continuity which means you will get the same familier carer other than the times we have have to send a replacement carer to cover holiday or sicknesses.
  • Extra level support : Some time you may need extra level support , Such as hoisting, peg feeding support with urostomy, catheter or  and stoma bag after discharge where we can provide trained staff with experience.
  • Working in partnership: We work in partnership with NHS Clinicians,  Physiotherapists, occupational therapist,  District nurses, mental health nurses, mobile wardens, emergency   services to arrange fastest streamline service for you.
  • On going physiotherapy support: Our Physiotherapy support lead will  liaise with your therapist to provide you with  ongoing structured physiotherapy plans which help to regain and maintain musculoskeletal health.



CQC Inspection Report

We have a really reassuring CQC inspection report – great for your peace of mind.The overall judgement was that we were providing a good service.

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