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Health Numbers
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Health Numbers

Health Numbers

Your Health Numbers


Your Health Numbers matter


Knowing your key health numbers, checking them regularly and keeping track of your health numbers are key to having better health. However, it’s not always possible for you to keep track of your health numbers without support. Also, it is not always possible for your health professionals such as GP or district nurses to visit you to support you in the community. Accepting the fact that all health services are extremely stretched out, having someone to monitor your vital signs and alarm you and your GP  brings a sense of relief.  That’s where  Care Hers initiate VNews – monitoring of  Vital –National Early Warning  Singes. With your consent, we continue to monitor your health numbers and keep track of your records. We share your information with you and also with your GP upon request.




  1. Your respiration rate
  2. Blood oxygen saturation
  3. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  4. Pulse rate
  5. Level of consciousness
  6. Body temperature.

National Early Warning Score  -NEWS


NEWS is a tool developed by the Royal College of Physicians which improves the detection and response to clinical deterioration in adult patients and is a key element of patient safety and improving patient outcomes.



This is a single system which is standardised across the NHS, Care Settings , Ambulance Services and other health care systems. In care herts we offer to measure 6 basic physiological news parameters and keep track on the parameters to alert early warning sings to our clients and their health professionals.


We are happy to visit you and record your health numbers or   keep a record on your  National Early Warning Score.

Please click following button and fill the request form, if you are happy to receive this service.