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Emergency Care
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Emergency Care

Emergency 24/7 Live in Care from an Independent People living in carer

Are you looking for urgent care?


We know  sometimes  life events are unpredictable, sudden and unexpected.  Sometimes, you may need to arrange care and support for someone in a short stretch of a time.


Background Story


That was Christmas eve and we are literally ready to wrap up for the day to go home to celebrate christmas with the families;  we received the call with crying voice. Mrs Eric is on the phone crying and asking for our help get care package in place as she things it’s the last Christmas she is going to spend with her husband Eric. Eric was in the hospital waiting to be discharged however no care provider was abel to accomodate his care package this late due to festival anfd holiday season.


” If not you helpe, no body would and he  has to spend his Christmas in a hospital bed and I am on my own” she said.  It was the shortest time we fist time experience accommodating a care package. how ever we managed to get Mr Eric is discharge from hospital that day and Mr and Mrs were able to spend their Christmas together.


She was right. It was his last Christmas with her. Few months after Mr Eric left us. Mrs Eric forever remember the support she received and always praised us for that.


This inspired us to initiate  emergency support care to our maximum possibility for the people who need support with very short notice.

Call us on 01707502602 , 01707386106 for us to do emergency care assessment and support you with either  one off,  short term or ongoing emergency care support.




CQC Inspection Report

We have a really reassuring CQC inspection report – great for your peace of mind.The overall judgement was that we were providing a good service.

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