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Dementia Care
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Dementia Care

Forget- Me-Not?

 Dementia care at  your home


When your  loved one is diagnosed with Dementia or any other type of memory related illness, coping up with this news can be extremely challenging. Having to adjust to your daily routine around the person living with   Dementia need lot of external supported and empathy. that’s where finding the right care team with knowledge and experience to  support you becomes crucial.


How can we help to live positively with Dementia?


  • Personalised advance care planing

We prepare advance personalised care plan which gives the opportunity for  individual to incorporate their wishes and choices and how they need to be treated. In that way, when their memory has deteraited , they still be abel to receive the care they want.

  • Brain Stimulation Activities

Cognitive stimulation activities to delay the progression of dementia

  • Dietary assistance

Monitor all dietary needs and maintain food and fluids charts to monitor eating and drinking.

  • Respite Care support and sitting services to give family members a break

respite visits or sitting support to give family member a break

  • Multiagency working to provide best support.

Working in partnership with all other agencies , Gp, District Nurses, Physiotherapist, OT, Speech therapist, community mental health professionals, social workers, other memory support groups, Alzhimer societ, age Uk etc provide holistic care  social caresupport.

  • Dementia specialist care / dementia friends trained

our carers have specialied dementia support qualification and majority of them are trained dementia friends.

  • Help with life stories
  • vocabulary training
  • Oral care and hygiene
  • posture and physio support
  • organise social events for combact social isolation and stimlate the brain.

Our regular home care  visits will enable you or your loved one living with dementia  to remain in the comfort of their own home, both in the early and late stages of the condition – even when they may require palliative care.


With the support of our friendly carers, your Dementia home care plan and advanced care plan  are tailored entirely around the needs of the individual . This means we ensures that your loved ones can continue to live in their own way of living and make thier own lifestyle choices whilst remaining in their own comfortable home.

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