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Palliative Care
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Palliative Care

Palliative and End of Life Live in Care.

The majority of people will prefer to remain in their own home when approaching the end of their life. There is no place like your own home   filled with warm memories, brimming with happy nostalgia from years gone by. Also is for them, the home is a safe place that’s free from any unfamilier distractions.




If you are looking for a high level of support for your mum, dad or your relative in the end of their life stage, we are there to support.

All of our carers have been extensively trained in how to deliver the best possible support to those who have been diagnosed with terminal conditions. They can of course assist with routine domestic tasks, including meal planning, cleaning and laundry, but they are also on hand to provide companionship and emotional support to your loved one.

Having a calm, compassionate professional available to support is provide invaluable reassurance to those approaching the end of their life,

In some cases, specialist medical care will be required in order to ensure the customer is as comfortable as possible. If necessary, our team can also help you organise any necessary adaptations to the individual’s home. All you need to do is ask and we’ll be happy to assist.


Supporting friends and family through palliative care at home


Our home carers recognise that this is a challenging time for friends and family. As well as carrying out duties around the home to keep the environment clean, safe and calm, your palliative carer will be on hand to provide emotional support for all of those affected by the circumstances.

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