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Cost and Payments
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Cost and Payments

How much does home help cost? Her's a simple breakdown of the cost of home care visits and how we can help you and your family.

What’s the cost of home care?

Worried about the cost of  home care for a loved one? IT’s time to stop worrying.  because our home visits  are affordable and completely flexible. Our rates are very competitive and transparent.


Are you struggling to pay for your home care?


If you are struggling to pay for your care, we also can help you find right financial assistances. We can contact the funding agencies, local authority (HCC) or Continuing Health Care (CCG) Team for you to see whether you are eligible for support. If you are having difficulty to fill your application for assistances, or Direct  payment request.  Only you need to do is ask.


Read More about how to pay for your home care click  how to fund your care”

What we Charge.

Our charges are ranged across the services we are providing.

Good News is we have a cost calculator where you can get a good idea of how your home care needs going t be cost. This will help you to manage your care cost according to your own budget and your needs.



Home Care

In Care Herts we offer you a choices of visit lengths to provide you right support.  The shortest Care Visit we provide is 30 minutes. However there is no limit to the longest one. it could be one hour or few more hours as you need. Our 30 minutes visits charges starts from very affordable rate of £13.


Click here to find out your home care cost

Physiotherapy Support Facility (PSF)

Our Physio Therapy support facility sessions are normally conduct for duration of an hour. We will deliver over an hour sessions  upon on special request by your  therapist or a physician. you can book this session to be delivered weekly basis or once in a fortnight. The initial  Physiotherapy support session is completely free of charge and we only charge you from second day onwards.

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Memory Help – Cognitive stimulation Therapy (CST)

Our CST  sessions are normally conduct for duration of an hour an a half. However if you feel like hour an a half is too longer for your loved one to stay in focus on a subject we can do hourly session.   This sessions to be delivered weekly basis or once in a fortnight. we provide all equipment’s required for a sessions. Our initial CST session and the assessment visit is completely free of charge.

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Home Help  (Domestic Visits)

Our  home help  sessions are normally conduct for duration of an hour onwards. You can book Home Help Visits from one hour to four hours to get help with your domestic, cleaning, ducting, to do your weekly shopping, Help with your laundry etc.


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What customers Say
  • “Cost calculator made it very clear and easy for us to understand the amount of money we needed monthly basis to fund our Mum’s Care.”


  •  “Which helps us greatly to manage her bills, other expenses and plan the type of support she need on going basis.”


  • “This gave us an option do any changes and get an idea of the cost in advance. for  example: planning additional visits when we are away or planning our time out.”

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