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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)

CST for Better Memory

Cognitive stimulation Therapy (CST) is an evidence based treatment programme for people with mild to moderate dementia including Alzheimer disease. Reconnecting dots offer group or individual CST programmes in the community and in residential care setup.


According to the findings of recent research, CST is identified as effective as drugs that have been developed to help people living with Dementia. Studies also proven that this programme have greater impact on improving memory and other skills and abilities of individuals living with memory related issues.


All our CST programmes are designed including fun and enjoyable activities where people can engage with their fullest. Both our individual and group CST programme includes individual pre assessment to understand more about individual, their preferences and their history in order to develop and plan effective person-centred CST sessions.

Some of Our Group/ Individual CST Sessions Includes;


  • Visual Clip Sessions
  • Think Card
  • Art and Craft discussions -Lets be creative
  • Useful Tips
  • Household treasures
  • Current Topics
  • Food and Taste
  • Childhood Memories
  • Sound and Vocal sessions
  • Faces and Scenes
  • Word Association
  • Sort out Objects
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Music and Songs
  • Let’s do baking

Care Herts Memory Walk

This picture was taken during one of our memory walk to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Socity UK. Every year Care Herts team organise a memory walk to support people living with memory related issues.

CST Outing to Village Shops

Mixing socially with others is a key for memory and srimulating brian regions. The picture taken during one of the visit to village shops with our service user soon after covid restriction lifted. she met loads of her old friends and had a marvelous time.

CST Session

Following a Recipe

Following a recipe step by step and making tasty treats help to rewire

your brain cells. every new learning is count and have huge positive impact on your memory.

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