Care Herts Limited are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and His Majesty King Charles III as he beginshis journey as our Sovereign.Her Majesty was a truly inspirational person who led both the UK and Commonwealth withdignity and compassion. She will be sadly missed by the people of this country andCommonwealth for years to come.
Meet our Team
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Meet our Team

Looking to work in care? Want to find out what its really like? Then read our case studies here...

There’s no any  better way to introduce our team


than moving picture frames


” This picture was taken on 2nd October 2020 Care Herts Memory walk to raise funds for Alzheimer society.

Each year care herts team walk to raise funds. but last year was difference. We couldn’t walk as a group as six peoples rule applied.

We still we managed to achieve our goal walking as small groups.

Well done Care Herts team and big thank you to all donors! “


Click the picture of Laura, Viv and Julia to watch our team

Most Innovative Care Team Finalist 2017

We are proud to say we have innovative dedicated team of members with diverse skills and knowledge   thats where we are thriving for excellence.

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