Care Herts Limited are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and His Majesty King Charles III as he beginshis journey as our Sovereign.Her Majesty was a truly inspirational person who led both the UK and Commonwealth withdignity and compassion. She will be sadly missed by the people of this country andCommonwealth for years to come.
Wijesinghe Dissanayake
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Author: Wijesinghe Dissanayake

Care Herts, a leading home care establishment in Welwyn Garden city, Hertfordshire, wishes happy Christmas and a new year to every citizen in the country.   " Your contribution to our work is greatly appreciated. We extend our deepest appreciation to you for another year of support, and we wish you every blessing during Christmas."   During the annual Christmas gathering on Thursday, Care Herts shared wishes to all its fantastic team, clients and other professionals working together to make people better, happier and healthier.   We wish everyone a Merry Christmas filled with harmony, sacrifice,...

It almost has been nine years since Care Herts was first established in 2013. Looking back, we are very pleased to see that we were able to care for hundreds of individuals and touched many lives.   With that pleasure in mind, Care Herts are excited to introduce our Birthday offer:   • 10% discount from your monthly care bill for 12 months. (hourly rate is £26 and with this offer, your hourly rate will go down to £23.40.   • 2-hour free domestic house cleaning visit monthly up until the end of the year 2022.   •...